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Ceiling Insulation

The main heat loss in an uninsulated home is through the ceiling (about 42%). Good quality insulation helps keep the heat in during winter and out during summer. This makes your house easier and cheaper to heat properly, and more comfortable and healthy to live in. The priority for insulating your home should be ceiling and underfloor, followed by walls. (EECA).

Hot air rises, so making most homes easier and cheaper to heat properly starts with good ceiling insulation. If your home already has ceiling insulation, check that it hasn’t been damaged or moved during house repairs and that it is up to today’s standard. (EECA).



Blanket insulation that covers ceiling joists prevents heat loss through the timber joists. When you’re topping up existing insulation, it can be easier to install blanket insulation than segments because you can just roll it over the top of what’s there already. Insulation that covers ceiling joists can make it harder for a person to move around the ceiling space though. (EECA)



If you install segments between joists, you need to put in higher R-value insulation to make up for the heat that gets lost through the timber. (EECA)

Ceiling insulation avoids the lost of temperature.

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