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Underfloor INsulation

Here are 5 interesting facts about why you should have underfloor insulation.

1. It prevents heat loss


Just because underfloor insulation seals your floor, it doesn’t mean that it creates a warmth around it. The fact of the matter is that heat rises and floors will need to be heated to create a heated floor effect. Despite this, around 15% of your home’s heat still escapes through the floor – and this is where underfloor insulation plays a crucial role. By installing underfloor insulation, you are ensuring that you retain that precious heat during the cold winter months.

 2. Not only does it prevent heat loss, but it prevents draft


When you install underfloor insulation, you are, in essence, sealing your floors – that is, if you install it in a particular way. If your home has a crawl space underneath, or is built on a pier, you know all too well the draft that passes through in the colder seasons. Thankfully, if you want to end the intrusion of cool air through your floors, insulation can help you.

3. Insulation acts as a vapor barrier


In particular, wood floors are prone to moisture. This means that if floors get wet, they can warp or stain. One of the greatest advantages of underfloor insulation for those with wooden floors is that it can act as a vapor barrier, protecting your floors from any unwanted moisture. If you have a basement, you will especially want underfloor insulation under the first floor for protection. Before going ahead and installing underfloor insulation for this purpose, we recommend you get in touch with professionals to check the moisture situation in your home.

4. It is surprisingly helpful in summer


Insulation is commonly perceived as mostly useful in the winter, yet it is equally as handy in the summer. As we discussed before, heat rises, and if you have some kind of crawl space or basement underneath your home, it is easy for heat to enter and rise straight up into your main living area. If you have underfloor insulation installed however, the heat should stop before it even touches your floor. 

5. It’s cheaper than relying on air conditioners and heaters


While the upfront investment for insulation may play a factor in your decision to install it, over the long term you will save money from not running your energy units constantly.

From its conception as a way to create thermal efficiency in a home, insulation has come a long way, and has brought with it a whole host of benefits. Without question, underfloor insulation is a must in any home today. 

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Installation of a floor insulation.

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